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This page contains general help information for visitors, if you are a registered contributor you will find the pages with posting instructions and posting guidelines and recommendations useful. If you are a fishing professional and would like to post report click here to register.

Profile (contributors only)

Your profile contains your email address, user name, and password.  You cannot change your user name, but you can change your email address and password.  The email address for your profile is used to send you the daily email reports based on your subscriptions.

Resetting Forgotten Passwords (contributors only)

If you forgot your password, click here to reset your password.  You must enter your email address or your user name.  An email will be to you that contains a link that initiates the password reset process.

Twitter Reports

Tweets are available for each state.  If you already have a twitter account login and then go to our twitter page to select the state(s) you wish to follow.  After you click on the state you will go to the twitter page for that state.  Simply click the “Follow” button and you will receive tweets every time a new report is posted.

Facebook Notifications

S separate Facebook page is available for each state.  If you already have a Facebook account login and then go to our Facebook page to select the state(s) you wish to follow.  Simply You will receive notifications every time a new report is posted.

Embedding Reports on Other Websites

It is very easy to embed the reports for any contributor on a website.  The code that needs to be inserted can be found at the bottom of the page that contains all the reports for the contributor.  The link to that page (See All Reports) can be found at the bottom of every report.  Click here to learn more about embedding reports and controlling the appearrance of those reports.

Still Need Help?

If you still need help, please contact us.  We will get back to you immediaitely.

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