Posting Guidelines and Recommendations

Do not post anything other than a fishing report.

Please be honest and accurate.  Realize that the visitors reading the report may have actually been on that trip!

Bashing any other fishing professional is strictly prohibited.

Do not change the formatting of your post by changing font style, color, etc.   They will be turned back to the default formatting before being published.  It is acceptable to bold specifc words or phrases.

Do not post an advertisement or promotion for any business or commercial entity in the report itself.  The only promotion that can be done is through your profile information that appears at the bottom of every post.  That content must be related only to your business.

Please try and post at least one picture in each report.  Reports with pictures are clicked on much more often.

Please keep your reports under 300 words.  No one wants to read a report much longer than that!  The word count appears below the post editor box.  Hint: Split your report into multiple paragraphs for an easier read.

Be sure to select ALL the relevant categories (locations), so that registered users can be properly notified of your new report.

Be sure to select all the relevant post tags (species), so that visitors can easily locate your reports by searching for a specific species.

Use of inappropriate language is never permitted and will result in the report not being published and/or your posting privileges suspended.

If you have any questions about these guidelines please contact us!

If you have questions about posting reports, please see the Posting Instructions for more information.


Your account may be terminated (without notice) for failure to follow our rules or ignore our instructions should we email you to make corrections to your posts.

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