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Our Mission

We created this as a place where professionals can post their reports for free (always)!   This site is owned and operated by the team at Angling Productions.  We know exactly how tough it is t survive in this business so we created this.  We feel that professionals should never have to pay to post their reports.

Who Can Post Reports

ONLY professional charter captains, licensed guides, tackle shops, marinas, fishing stations, and other fishing businesses are allowed to post.  Recreational anglers are never allowed to post and there will never be any comments or discussions.

How Do We Promote Your Business

From the very first day you can include links to your website and information about your business in every post.  The links will bring you foot-traffic and also strengthen your rank in the search engines.  You can change this information at any time.  See the Posting Instructions for more information.

What Are the Rules

You must post accurate reports.  The credibility of this entire site depends upon it.  You must be respectful of other businesses posting reports in your region.  We moderate all posts.  Visitors are allowed to report misleading or inaccurate information to us.  When that happens we will contact you and address their issues.  Anyone  who does not follow these guidelines will lose their privileges.

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