Speckled Trout in Southport, NC

capt.butch - 01/07/2015

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   After a couple weeks of 50 and 60 degree temps it was quite a shock to the system when we made our way up river to find clean water to do some Speckled Trout fishing this morning. I really am honored and Blessed to have the confidence and trust of the local fishermen that know who to call when they want to go fishing and have a great time just like Mike Martin of Southport, NC and his son Casey from Brooklyn, NY. did today.

  I knew where there was some clean water and after all the rains we have had I knew where clean water was only because we fish year round and I stay on top of what’s happening on the water.  You need clean water to fish when it is cold. You can catch fish in dirty water and you can catch fish in cold water, but, combine the two and I won’t say it is impossible to catch fish in cold and dirty water….. but about as close to impossible as you can get !!

  We reached our destination and was on the bottom of the low tide which made for a interesting trip. I got the “Electronic Anchor” programmed on the Carolina Skiff and we started off with MR-14’s as our baits of choice. The fish for us today didn’t seem to be in the upper water coloum so I made a move to a nearby area that I knew went from 2 feet to over 12 feet, switched us up to Christmas Tree and Smoke/Flake 3″ Grubs on 1/4 oz. Chartruse lead heads with plenty of Pro-Cure’s “Inshore Saltwater Super Gel” as the scent for THEIR  baits today. I chose not to put any  “Inshore Saltwater” Gel on my grub as to test the effectiveness of the gel…….Long story short, they caught the Trout today, hooked fish and got plenty of hits with the gel and…… and with no “Pro-Cure” scent gel on my lure I did not catch anything!!

   I told the guys to fish so slow that it “hurt” and it wasn’t long until we hooked up what I thought was a Red Drum. When I slid the net under it only then did I realize it was a Croaker. Biggest croaker I have ever seen in this area!!!!! After that it wasn’t too long until Casey set the hook and the first Speckled Trout of the morning was in the net. A little over 12″, short of the 14″ minimum size requirement. Got a photo and released her to be caught again another day.

  We fished on and both Mike and Casey had several more fish hit and even hooked up some nice fish but they just came unhooked for some reason. The old saying “it’s fishin’… not catchin'”…. was working overtime!!!!.  Then Mike came back with a hard hook set to find a hard pull and lot of fight on the other end of his line. The Fenwick HMG Rod and Mitchell Reel made the task easy and after a few minutes I slid the net under a respectable 16” Speckled Trout.

  We fished on some more and hooked and lost several more fish and by this time the cold and cloudy morning had finally chilled everyone to the bone and the decision was made to head to warmer surroundings. Next time, even myself will remember it is December, and this time of year you go dressed for cold weather, no matter how warm you THINK it is, it’s always colder on the water this time of year!!!!  It was a very enjoyable “cold” morning being on the water fishing with folks that love the same sport as you do and to be able to catch a few fish that make you forget the cold for a few minutes was just an added bonus.

  Also,  “Skeeter” and I went Virginia Mullet (Whiting) fishing yesterday. The fish weren’t biting as good as they were the day before, but we still ended the tide run with around 40 nice whiting. The fish are biting, warm days are in the forecast for the weekend and the Skiff is booking Backwater trips pretty fast. If you would like to go fishing/Catching, better call (910)845-2004 before all the days are booked up and you have to wait another year like you did last year!!!

  Thanks for your continued support. We couldn’t do it without all of you!!!!! Till next time, be safe and God Bless You All!!!!!

                     Fish On!!!!!

                       Capt. Butch Foster

PROVERBS 3:25-26  You won’t be afraid of sudden trouble; you won’t fear the ruin that comes to the evil, because the Lord will keep you safe. He will keep you from being trapped.

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