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Shawn Lanier - 01/23/2015

January 22 , 2015 Report.


I did not fish for the last week, but I have been getting some fishing progress reports from a couple of my guide friends that have been out fishing the last couple of days. They have had some good days later this last week with catches of forty to fifty Redfish. These are all the big Redfish from fifteen to thirty pounds with a few around nine pounds that they put in the box. Yesterday, they went out (two boats) and had seven Redfish between the two boats. The conditions were really good yesterday as far as the seas. Apparently, the fish did not like the conditions yesterday. Sometimes, the fish are there, but they don’t bite. I don’t like those slow days, but it happens.

Since I was not fishing, I took the wife out to the movie house and saw “American Sniper”. This was a really good movie. It seemed like a very realistic movie based on a true story. It is directed by Clint Eastwood, and I am a big fan of his. The main reason I think it is a realistic story is that our U.S. troops are vulnerable in combat. Their duty is not a walk in the park. Our troops are tough and well trained, but their combat experience is not like some video game where one trooper goes in and kills 200 bad guys without a scratch. Our military troops have to work really hard with no guarantees of survival against enemies that are determined to kill them. I think too many Americans think our military can go anywhere and just kick any ones ass without any consequences. This ain’t so. Unfortunately, the bad guys train for battle and are disciplined to carry out evil deeds. Just like those nuts in France that shot up those newspaper people. I think we Americans have an advantage over the Europeans as far as this type of terrorist threat, because we have a right to own weapons. Most U.S. states allow us to carry weapons. We have a chance to defend ourselves when we are out and about. We can’t stop every threat from happening, but when it does, if we are alert and ready, the board meeting at the newspaper office will have some weapons handy under that sports coat. Maybe even a shotgun behind the file cabinets. At least over here, the average Joe can be an equalizer if the bad guys corner us. In Europe, only the government and the bad guys are armed. Here, we have the third type of armed people: your average law abiding citizen. Of course, some states won’t let you be ready, like up in the Northeast. Or, these states make it so difficult to own a weapon that it’s unrealistic to try to own one. Pennsylvania, and Maine are on board with the constitution, but the rest of the Northeast doesn’t like people to be able to defend themselves. The law can only respond to what’s already happened.

I bought the movie “The Hurt Locker”. This is a great movie as well. It has the last Jason Bourne guy in it, I forgot his name. It seemed realistic as well for the same reasons. I recommend both shows to see. My favorite part of both movies is seeing the bad guys go down ….

Time to go back to fishing….

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