Redfishsing in Venice , Louisiana

Shawn Lanier - 12/19/2013

December 19th 2013 REPORT

We have absolutely, positively been catching the daylights out of the Redfish this week. Words can’t describe the Redfish bite this week. I am asked a bunch about when the best time to fish Venice Louisiana is, and I still do not know after fishing here for a long time. No kidding around. I fish 12 months out of the year, and don’t know when the best time is, because the fishing here can come together anytime. Although the winter weather conditions can be difficult at times, the fish are around the area. Tough weather conditions can present themselves any time of the year here, and we can have a good day of fishing even when the weather seems terrible.

Anyway, a friend of mine told me where some Redfish were. The big Redfish were in an area that I had not fished in about six months. It’s a big area down here. I like the area, but I just had not been there lately. I was too busy somewhere else. So, I had some guys from Illinois and Wyoming fishing with me this week, and I wanted to take them down to where my buddy’s fish were. I had been catching in some other places down river, but my friend had told me that the weather conditions would allow my party to fish the area where the Redfish were for a day or two.

Ben, Doug, and Deek had fished with me before, and we had some great trips, so, naturally, we had to outdo the past trips. Well, we pulled up to spot number one and saw the Redfish my friend was telling me about. The back fins of the Redfish were out of the water showing themselves in shallow water . I had spinnerbaits on two of my rods, so Deek and Ben grabbed them and cast to where the fish were.. They were hooked up immediatly.They brought in a 23lb. and a 20 lb. Redfish after a few minutes of fighting the fish all around the boat. Doug grabbed one of the rods rigged with a topwater plug. As soon as his plug hit the water a big explosion made his lure disappear with his rod bent over.  A few minutes later we netted his 23 pound Redfish. It was on all morning and then some. Half the time we cast our lures out we got strikes from the Reds. Schools of Redfish showed up all day long in the area we were fishing. We were fishing there because mother nature gave us an opportunity to fish the area because of the wind direction. I would not hesitate to quit fishing the area if the conditions were unfavorable for fishing that spot. We are constantly changing locations to fish, and must find them every time we go out fishing. We fished another day in that area with super success using different lures. On day number three we changed locations due to the wind , and found the fish again. They were not showing themselves, but they were there. As usual, with targeting the big Redfish, we lost some due to them spitting the hook, but my guys were experienced anglers, and played the fish without giving them slack in their line. Everything played out good for the fishing this week.

The guys said they had a great time again. They said the food was great at the lodge. We had the Redfish on the grill, Shrimp stew, baked fish, and we had a steak night as well. I have the best cook in the area (my wife, Leila, she is my French chef).  I help with the grilling meals, but she just tells me what to do. Its all good. Have a Merry Christmas. See you next year!

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