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After Work Big Fish for Don and Crew!!!

Pursuit of Bass - 05/14/2013

After a hard day at work, no better way to unwind, other than fishing and Slamming some Striped Bass!!! Rick, Rich, Ron and Don were all ready to go…The crew didn’t have the best tide, but managed to find the fish on the troll…Ron and Rick both got some nice 32-36 inch Bass while Donnie wasn’t able to get a hit…Then Rick got a nice fish on, we slowed the boat and Capt. Skip told Don to start reeling in slow and keep jigging…Well about 10 seconds later…BAM, SLAM and WHAM..nice hit and taking line…Don handled the fish like a pro and when boated, he had a nice 42″, 29 lb. Slob!!!  In all the gang brought home 5 nice Bass, 2 Bluefish and our boy Rick managed to beat off a nice 20 lb. Bass off Ron’s hook with a horrible netting display..All in all, a fun evening on the water !!!

Don Burch with a 29 lb. Bass

Don Burch with a 29 lb. Bass

As the sun goes down..Don is enjoying his Slob of a Striped Bass (42")

As the sun goes down..Don is enjoying his Slob of a Striped Bass (42″)

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