South Edge of Billingates

capt.mark - 06/02/2012

Friday, we had Nick Benson and his son out for a 4-hr trip. We had planned to kick off the dock at 800 am however those great NORTH winds pushed us forward to 330pm. As we were getting ready to leave, I was able to grab Franny, from the Goose, who was coming in from a trip…. and asked him how the sea’s were. Fanny gave us the all clear, so we left the dock and headed right to the South Edge of Billingate Shoals. When we arrived, we found some birds, but nothing like I have been seeing at the start of the week.

We tossed surface plugs, deadly dicks and slugos  however nothing was working. We then deployed the umbrella rigs  and sent them out on lead core line and then we started to cover as much ground as possible. We worked the south edge hard and found very few marks on the fish finder and when we did come across some, they didn’t touch what we had. As we continued to work this area, the starboard rod went off and the young Mr. Benson brought in a nice healthy 29 inch striper…Dinner!!!. We set out the rigs and again we continued to work the south edge however nothing was happening.

We then went to the Brewster flats and headed to the area of the Church. We checked that, but found no life, so banked westerly towards home. While running along the flats, we found some bird action. We stopped and started tossing the slugos and plugs at the small breaks that were under the birds. We found some schoolie then we headed home.

The day was not a total loss…we were able to get dinner for the evening and a father and his son were able to spend time together for a day of fishing.  If you would like to get out and do some fishing, please give me a call and we will make it happen. Stay safe and think screaming drags.


Posted by: Shannon Sea Sport Fishing
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You will be fishing the waters of Cape Cod Bay in a Sailfish 26ft CC. You will leave Northside Marina, (Sesuit Harbor Dennis Ma.) and either travel to Barnstable Harbor, Billingates Shoals, or to Provincetown. We will be targeting Stripe Bass, Blue fish or Tuna. All gear is provided for you. Your catch will be cleaned iced and bagged for you , should you want to keep your fish. Photos are taken during your trip and posted on our website or on our Facebook page. Please look at our website for more detailed information.

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