Fathers Day Fishing

capt.frank - 06/19/2012

Finally got the computer glitches worked out…

We had our annual Father/Daughter – Daddy’s Day Flounder Tournament on Sunday.  I had Brynn and Chloe on my team, John had Grace.  We headed out behind Stone Harbor to make drifts and hopefully catch Flounder.  Weather folks called for 5-10 out of the NNE for the day.  Instead when we arrived, we had 10-15 out of the NE.  It later increased to 20+.  We made some nice long drifts tossing a variety of baits out.  The drift sock helped immensely.  The girls were focused on their mission to catch a dinner and win the ice cream bet we had going.  First fish caught resulted in the other teams having to purchase ice cream for all.

Well, after an hour and a half with no bumps, hits, or misses, we decided on moving elsewhere.  At this time Brynn decided she was cold and had enough of fishing.  So a call went out to Lisa for extra clothing and a pick up extraction.  After the restocking of clothing, John, Grace, Chloe and I headed back out.  In the next spot, we again had some nice drifts along the sod banks.  This time we managed a small Sea Bass and a small Doggie.  Then I had my rod crushed by something strong and fast.  It screamed off drag and made several strong runs.  I was thinking nice Striper, but instead found it was a big Doggie.  It didn’t fight like a Doggie, it was actually fun.  The girls played with it, gave it kisses, and tossed it back.  Wind was steadyily increasing, so we called it a day.  Despite the wind and lack of fish, we had a blast out there with our girls.  Spending quality time with the kids is what it’s all about.

As a bonus, Chloe got me a nice new Fishing Journal with her awesome artwork adorning the cover.  Brynn got me a killer set of BBQ sauces that will be put to good use throughout the summer.  Lisa hooked me up to : )  It was a great Fathers Day!


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