Cape Cod Bay

capt.mark - 06/22/2012

They say that being on the water can cool you down,well that maybe true but the fishing is still hot in the bay.We left Northside Marina on Friday at 8am and found crashing and busting fish right out front of Sesuit harbor.  We were able to get right on them and started tossing pencil plugs and Hopkins lures at them..we had some nice fish crash on the plug, but we just  could not get the hook up..after chasing them ( bass and blues) around we set out our deep divers (mackerel colored and a black & silver) on lead core….(6-8 colors).  We continued just about 2 miles off the entrance of the harbor and the port rod went off (mack diver).  After a little bit of a fight..we boated a nice 33 inch keeper.  We grab some pixs and tossed her in the box for lunch.  Out went the divers and again we were tight..this time Mr. Big Blue fish came to the boat.  We had Danny fight this one, which he did like a champ.  After some tug-a- war we brought him on board.  Pixs were take of this 12 pound beast and he was tossed back for another fight.   We were able to land 5 nice stripers on the divers before the bite disappeared.  We pointed the Shannon Sea’s bow towards deep water (Square) and set out the divers there.  We had some great marks, as well as everyone else, however we could not get them to eat..the saving grace was that that the radio chatter was the same as we were doing.  After hitting that area till 11:15, we clicked in “home” in the gps and we were at the dock by noon.  I cleaned their fish, and brought it to JC’s cafe (Sesuit Harbor) where it was cooked fresh for them to eat !!!.nothing better then some “fresh fish” that you just caught for lunch.

If you would like to get out, please give me a call and we can make it happen.  Follow us on Face book or our web site for all our pixs of our trips.  Stay safe and think screaming drags.


Capt. Mark


Posted by: Shannon Sea Sport Fishing
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You will be fishing the waters of Cape Cod Bay in a Sailfish 26ft CC. You will leave Northside Marina, (Sesuit Harbor Dennis Ma.) and either travel to Barnstable Harbor, Billingates Shoals, or to Provincetown. We will be targeting Stripe Bass, Blue fish or Tuna. All gear is provided for you. Your catch will be cleaned iced and bagged for you , should you want to keep your fish. Photos are taken during your trip and posted on our website or on our Facebook page. Please look at our website for more detailed information.

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