Back Bay Stripers

capt.frank - 06/21/2012

Got out for a quickie last night with me, myself, and I. Hit a bunch of the usual spots and for the most part, they were dead zones. Out of my first 7 stops, only two had small Bass cruising around. Tide was perfect, it had just turned and was heading out. Water was clear, and the wind was calm. Didn’t notice a lot of bait either. Which is kind of strange for this time of year. There should be lots of small Spot, Bunker, Spearring, and such cruising around structure.

On a whim, I decided to take a short drive up to another spot that has been producing fairly consistently. Glad I did. I got there and found two other guys fishing, but not catching. So I squeezed into a spot I like in between them and proceeded to fish. First cast I was chased by a nice Striper. Second and third casts were the same. Fourth cast I teased a Striper and got whacked hard, but missed the hook set. Next cast I was ambushed from below by a fat 22″ Striper. He was quickly released. I moved over a bit to try a different piece of structure in order to give the one I was working a break. First cast was quickly pulled into the structure and firmly snagged. Rerigged with a much larger worm and jig head to see how many Bass I could get to attack it. I was not disappointed. I cast at a variety of structure, into and with the current and was attacked several times. It was a blast! Called it quits soon after as it was getting late. Will be out again tonight with Rich to play with the Bass again…

Tight Lines!

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