Mid Day Bass Bight continues to be strong!!!

Pursuit of Bass - 05/31/2012

Ronnie the Roofer, Rich the Fireman and Skip…got a few hour break from the mid day grind to go out and try a repeat performance of yesterdays bite…and that they did…

The trio found the Bunker…got the lines in the water…snagged their prey…and off to the live-line races…

Ronnie and Skip had fish after fish as Rich was bewildered..and being shut out…After a quick tip or two from the Capt. …Rich was in with fish after fish, and he was eventually high hook…not with quantity, but with a nice 25 lb. Striper….

Way to go Rich…your a legend in your own mind!!!

Rich with a 25 lb. Bass


Hold em up you weaklings!!!

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