Ft Lauderdale Shark Fishing

capt.rod - 05/24/2012

Hammerhead Shark

Big Hammerhead Shark caught sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale

The fishing is great in Fort Lauderdale this month.  March through June is BIG GAME fishing season here in South Florida and big fish are snappin’.  This is the peak of our famous shark fishing season in Fort Lauderdale.  Hammerhead sharks are making traveling down our coastline in incredible numbers.  Literally thousands, perhaps ten’s of thousands of hammerheads make their way northward during these months, right through the middle of our fishing grounds.  We’ve done a couple shark fishing trips this week and we’re batting a thousand.  Hammerheads on every trip we’ve soaked the baits for them.  One of the biggest hammerheads, T-Heads as we call them, was 10 ft long, over 300 pounds.  Hammerheads are also cool because they have that nice hammer on their head, which makes them easy to grab and control their head, so we can pull them into the boat for a quick pic.

Hammerhead Shark Fishing

Big Hammerhead Shark behind the boat in Fort Lauderdale

Hammerheads aren’t the only sharks in Fort Lauderdale.  Plenty of other shark species are also biting.  This month we’ve caught 2 big makos, a 400 pound thresher shark, a bunch of dusky/sandbar sharks and some black tip sharks.  Shark season in Fort Lauderdale is in full swing.  The good shark fishing is really the result of all the other activity we have going on in Fort Lauderdale right now.  With so much available food on the reef and wrecks, it makes sense that so many big game sharks are feeding in our fishing zone.  Usually the great shark fishing lasts until August and then slows down, so plan your shark fishing trips now!   Good luck fishing out there everyone and Tight Lines!

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