Striped Bass NH with a Sea Bass

Captain Joel - 08/07/2011

Week ending 8/7/11

Striped bass fishing had its ups and downs this week.  Some trips went really well with 4 or 5 keepers and a bunch of smaller fish.  Some trips yielded only a few stripers and one trip we only caught one striper OUCH!!.  The trip with only 1 striped bass was a half day trip that we decided we would head out and go for mackerel first.  Good plan but mackerel were no where to be found.  With only 1 mackerel  in the live well we headed back in to fish cut bait in the hour and half we had left to the trip.  Problem now was the current was slack and that always makes it hard to catch stripers in the river.

A few hours later on the second trip of the day we really got into the fish and caught over 15 with the biggest at 33inches.  Steve, Jen and their 8yr old son Jordan, came from Windsor Vt.  and had a great trip with many memories.  A different tide can make and incredible difference when fishing  the river.    Of special note this week,  it was the first week we started to catch sea bass.  We only got two this week but I am sure more will follow right through September.  Sea bass are excellent eating and feisty for their size.   Check out the photo of Paul, Brian and Jack with 2 stripers and a sea bass on my website.

Tight lines,

Capt. Joel

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