Block Island Striper fishing ..

Capt Mike - 07/13/2011

Fished with Dick Moraenu and his 2 buddies on the north east side of Block Island on July 13th 2011, departed Point Judith  a little later then normal. We arrived at a way point that I picked out when leaving the harbor that I determined where the fish would be from the tide that I was delt with.

As we slowed down the fish finder lit up with Stripers holding tight to the bottom. I spun around and set up my weapons of choice, 20 pound spinning rods with live eels .. No weight was needed because I was in 28 feet of water with a light wind and a tide that was moving me at  0.7 knots. Our first drift landed us 5 keepers before I fired up the Adrianna and set us back up for battle .. It was a steady pick through out our 8 hour excursion which produced over 20 stripers with the largest weighing in at 32 pounds ..

The Stripers were very skitish and would not keep still, which made my job tougher .. We had several followers come along boat side with the hooked fish that my crew were fighting, due to the clear 67.8 deg. water we were able to see roughly 20 feet down and this also could of been the factor why the fish would not keep still and stay on the piece ..

Posted by: Adrianna Charters
Located in: Point Judith, RI Phone: 401-573-FISH

Adrianna is a 28 foot c/c with a stright inboard diesel. 360 deg. of a pure fishing machine, this allows us to use the litest tackle to catch monster fish. To date the Adrianna has landed 23 Stripers over 50 pounds and 2 Stripers over 60 pounds, the biggest weighing in at 65.4 pounds. We use nothing but lite tackle, 20lb, 15lb and 6lb spinning gear. We have caught and landed Stripers up to 54 pounds on 15lb and Stripers up to 43 punds on 6lb gear. If you don't find exciting, then you better check your pulse !!

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