Afternoon Block Island Striper fishing

Capt Mike - 07/13/2011

Took Tom Cox and his misfits of anglers out for, as usual, a great Striper bite .. I started off where I left off from my morning trip, as I use the old saying ” don’t look for fish if you have fish ” .. This saying prove to be affected yet once again ..

We started off with a steady pick and landed fish up to 30 pounds, and just like the morning trip the fish were skittish, so I went on the hunt for dirty water .. As I was heading towards the south of the Island I noticed some real nice green water with floating and submerged seaweed, “Mong weed” I call it. My Azores sunglass’s did me well again and allows me to see things that lesser quality glass’s can’t .. I looked at my plotter and put the Adrianna over some structure that was surrounded with the dirty water and my fish finder told the story .. We had casted our live eels and within 5 seconds had a run off .. We had 6 Striper on before the boat could drift 20 feet and the Stripers were so aggressive the eels didn’t have time to hit the bottom before they were inhaled .. I did 2 short drifts at that location and we landed 15 stripers all the 30 pound class with the biggest being 38 pounds ..

The trip was cut short because of some nasty thunder storms moving towards us ..

Posted by: Adrianna Charters
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Adrianna is a 28 foot c/c with a stright inboard diesel. 360 deg. of a pure fishing machine, this allows us to use the litest tackle to catch monster fish. To date the Adrianna has landed 23 Stripers over 50 pounds and 2 Stripers over 60 pounds, the biggest weighing in at 65.4 pounds. We use nothing but lite tackle, 20lb, 15lb and 6lb spinning gear. We have caught and landed Stripers up to 54 pounds on 15lb and Stripers up to 43 punds on 6lb gear. If you don't find exciting, then you better check your pulse !!

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