May 21 – Season Starter

LI Fishing Charters - 05/23/2011

Capt Mike and mate Kyle with their two man crew of Seth Park and his buddy Jack started their day of in some incredibly dense fog which burned off within the first 30 minutes of the trip, unlike yesterday. They spent most of the morning snagging bunker off the schools in the deep water near Mamaroneck and tried drifting through them with chunks with very little success. The fish have been quite lethargic lately.

They then decided to anchor up on a high piece in 30ft of water and flatline chunks back since there was a steady 3knt current. They landed their first 32inch fish within the first 10 minutes of being anchored up and the action was nonstop after that. The crew had a blast using Mike’s light tackle (15lb spinning gear) which he uses for eeling back in Rhode Island. At the end of the day, 10 fish were landed an there were plenty of other bites that were missed.

We have a few days left open the next few weeks so call and book your trips now!

Pictures will soon be up and we will be shooting video of each trip in the future.

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